Hooch - Kelis

from the album Food (2014)

As I listen and write about music, the importance of a good bass player becomes increasingly evident to me.  They establish and maintain the groove, laying the foundation for other instruments to flourish.

Check out the bass line on Hooch by R&B and neo soul diva Kelis.  This is bass playing at its best.  Every note perfectly struck, giving off a round sound, never fretting out.  It allows the listener to enter the music and anticipate where it is heading.  It allows the horns the triumph.  It allows Kelis to croon.  It allows me to get my funk on.

Somewhere along the line, this song picks up the Memphis Stax thing.  The essence of soul...

Click Here to listen to Hooch.


  1. A rock solid foundation is the best support. In Hooch, it's that solid bass, and it provides a distinct syncopation for the horn section to lay down crisp tones. Great soulful harmony and wonderful voice also make this song a keeper.


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