Me Likey - Trevor Jackson

from the single Me Likey (2014)

There are times when nothing is better than a silly song.  Me Likey by 17 year old actor-musician Trevor Jackson is a great example.  Check out these lyrics:

When you touch me here
You touch me there
You give me that stare
Me likey

You wanna go up
Me wanna go down
Well I can go down
Me likey

Me likey this
Me likey that
Me likey this
Me likey that

Over a simple hip hop vibe, these lyrics become very catchy.  And who doesn't want to hear someone singing Me Likey?

Click Here to listen to Me Likey.


  1. This song is the best! "Makin' sure she wheel like Armor All"...what does that mean???

    I don't know. All I know is me likey.

    1. Wheel like Armor all = Shine, pride, I took the time to do the job right, and here are the results I get. It could also be metaphor for after sex glow, in hip hop lingo.

    2. Thanks JB. I wasn't going to repeat it until I had confirmation I wouldn't embarrass myself. My friend and I discuss this all the time, how we'll say something or use a word in front of our kids, only to get a horrified response of "MOM!!! Geez....!!" (For instance, did you know that to "go ham" on someone does NOT mean you told them off?)


      I better stick to stuff I know.

    3. Yes the lingo of life does indeed get influenced by age biased filters; however, the young grow up and replace their influencers only to have their language both questioned, and replaced by the next generation. You just have to love the cycle of life, and to enjoy those with whom you feel you can communicate with.


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