Rainy Day Woman - Kat Edmonson

from the forthcoming album The Big Picture (2014)

There is nothing like a rainy day woman.  Someone you can chill out with, laugh, and just enjoy your time on this spinning stone.  Everyone should have one.  Bob Dylan had so many of them that they were numbered.  Over fifty at last count.

There are other great songs, like Rainy Day People by Gordon Lightfoot.  Seems that the idea of that person you can be happy spending downtime with with has a long thread.

Add to that list Rainy Day Woman by Kat Edmonson.  This song is offered from the point of view of the rainy day woman.  She is melancholy, wanting more, but not wanting it to end.  I can dig that.

This song is magnificently arranged and executed.  From the tip of the stick riding the cymbal, this song really has it all.  Violins, saxophones, incredible guitar tone, and a classic R&B groove.  This song could find itself on a James Bond soundtrack or a never-realized Amy Winehouse record.  I can't stop listening.

So, here is to the rainy day women out there.  Thanks for bringing joy to this world!

Click Here to listen to Rainy Day Woman from the artist's website.


  1. Rainy day woman

    The Chinese nailed it with Yin and Yang. Plus or minus, positive or negative, male and female; balance is life and that comfortable moment with a person who communicates volumes without a uttering a single word makes the chaos of a rainy day feel like an eternity of calm. Everyone needs such a personal experience, some like Dillon get to know more. But, just remember how often you looked with filtered eyes and never saw the depth, and purity of the moment spent with that uniquely special person on that rainy day. The simplicity of life can be the most complexly rewarding experience if you just live it.


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