Sinner - Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

from the album Cold World (2014)

Shortly before Barrack Obama ascended to the presidency, I was hanging out with two buddies in a bar along the Yellowstone River in the badlands of eastern Montana.  This was a rancher bar, that attracted people from a sixty mile radius.  The panelling was lined the heads of massive steer collected over the past hundred years.  It was stark and people drank hard liquor.

I stood out like a sore thumb, outshone only by my two friends, one from Brooklyn, one from Alabama.  Somehow, I wound up wasted and out of my shell.  There was a group of five or six ranch girls hanging out next to us.  I offered to buy drinks for whichever of them could give the best cattle call.  Each let loose in full-throated glory.

The best roar came from this four-foot-nine firecracker.  It even turned the heads mounted on the walls.  My god.

She soon became enthralled with Brooklyn.  She was gonna rope her a New York City buck.  Alabama inquired about her wedding ring.  She replied "I have spoken with God and he assures me that he always forgives sins of the flesh."

I'm reminded of this story when I listen to the song Sinner by Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens.  With one foot in the inner city, the other on Muscle Shoals, these wonderful women lay down funky, church & soul that beautifully juxtaposes that Montana bar.  Still that cowgirl comes to mind.  She was a sinner in the finest sense.  God told her the deal.

Click Here to listen to Sinner by Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens.

Click Here to watch a great video visiting with Naomi Shelton in her home in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn.  How perfect is that?