The Bombay Twist - The Bombay Royale

from the album The Island Of Dr. Electrico (2014)

The Bombay Twist is a Bollywood take on classic '60s party tunes.  Do the mash potato, that kind of stuff.  It is performed by The Bombay Royale, a band from Melbourne, Australia that I am dying to check out.

Sitars, horns, and a beat that just won't quit.  Add to it an MC saying thing like "do the twist, like this" and a cackling woman and you are ready for your next psychedelic experience.  Enjoy.

Click Here to listen to the album version of The Bombay Twist which also appears on the Far Cry 4 video game soundtrack.


  1. I really dig Bombay Royale! The retro big band sound integrated with that Bollywood panache coupled with a Zappaish precision. Cool!

  2. JB, If you like that one, definitely check out the title track - The Island Of Dr. Electrico - it will blow your mind.

  3. Didn't you blog a couple of years ago about these guys? Because I remember downloading the orignal Jan Pehchan Ho, with the badass dance video from the 60s. I even learned the lyrics! Mohammed Rafi was the coolest!


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