The Duke - The Shrine

from the album Bless Off (2014)

The Shrine are a band from Los Angeles who crank out one fine rocker after another.  The Duke is a song that channels Ozzy.  I dig that.

Built on a guitar riff, the song rises and falls with great dynamics.  Credit this to the drummer and bassist.  But really, this song is all about the vocals for me.  They sound like Ozzy.

So, dig the fuzz, dig the groove, and dig The Shrine.

Click Here to listen to The Shrine play The Duke on BandCamp.


  1. Bless off

    Damn! Who would of thought to apply Darwinian change theory to the basic raw teen infused anger of punk, but to seed it first with genetic code from the Jimmy's, Eric, Jeff, and Eddie. Bless off shows raw talent like an untrained sex pistol vibe, but with severe musical chops, and Byronesque literary rhyme. This would be a rock show that would be the precursor of a life altering "Fuck it" we're doing this event!


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