Time To Change - The Brady Bunch Kids

from the television show The Brady Bunch (1972)

When I was in early grade school, our teacher assigned us to keep a record of how many hours of television we watched over the course of one week.  Mistaking this for a contest, I set out to be the winner.  After school, I would race home and turn on the tube.  After my mother sent me to bed, I would sneak downstairs and watch TV with the sound turned low until I fell asleep.  I was determined.

The next week, Ms. Gregory went around the room asking each of us to tell the class how many hours we watched.  Most were in the teens.  Maybe one guy broke thirty.  When they got to me I proudly announced triple digits.  My teacher was horrified.  What type of parents would abandon their child in front of the television for 100+ hours a week?  No wonder I grew up to be a media junkie.

Rather than be embarrassed, I am still proud of it.  I applied myself, and learned that success is measured by dedicating yourself to a goal, working hard, and seeing it to completion.  And that when you achieve a goal, nobody can take it away from you.

This story has kept popping into my head over the past month.


So has the song "Time To Change" from The Brady Bunch.  This is a bit odd.  Sure, old TV tunes drift in and out all the time, but never as persistent as this.  What could it be?  Ultimately, it was neither Peter's hormonally challenged voice nor "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" but rather the chorus that is stuck in my head.  Particularly the lines:

When it's time to change you've got to rearrange
Move your heart to what your gonna be

This lyric has turned into a mantra, telling me that it is alright to end one thing and try something new.  Particularly when it helps you grow.

The second line is really sticking with me.  I've become borderline obsessed with it.


I have blogged about four hundred and nine songs over the past two and a half years, throwing myself into this endeavor with the same passion as the kid in front of the TV set.  But now it is time to change.  It's time to rearrange.


I have learned so much writing this blog.  About music.  About life.  About lots of stuff.

I have learned that our world is boundless with magnificently talented people.  They are everywhere.  And in the past decade, technology has enabled them to affordably record and publish their craft for all the world to hear.  We live in the birth and splendor of the Communications Age.  It is incredible.

I have learned that music is math and that it all begins with a formula:  great songwriting coupled with great vocal performances makes great music.  I've also learned that in the face of a mighty groove you have no free will.  It commands you.  Like math.

One of the greatest thrills has come when bands I've written about have read the blog and contacted me.  Artists like Lindi Ortega, whose song Cigarettes and Truckstops gives me chills with every listen.  She was so sweet and gracious.  These encounters were unexpected joys.

But the greatest reward has come from the connection to a small group of readers.  We've become a community.  You're friendships have made my life richer.  People like JB, Theresa, and Richie Beans.  Cory and the Beach Goth crowd.  My funky friends.  You are what I dig most about the blog.


I have a good idea of where things go from here, although nothing is settled yet.  Shoot me an email and I will let you know when I resurface.

I really hope this blog helped you discover some songs you dig.  That would make me smile.

Thanks for everything.

Click Here to watch The Brady Bunch Kids perform Time To Change.


  1. I woke up to drink my coffee and get my morning blog fix. I guess that will have to change now, as well.

    But change is awesome. This coming from someone who used to fear it more than I fear becoming that old lady dancing the “old lady shuffle” to a good blues tune in a dark and musty bar.

    Thank you for the tunes the past few years. I was exposed to songs and artists that I never would have discovered on my own. Johnny Marr’s New Town Velocity has been popping into my head so much lately, and now listening to it and reading the lyrics, (WOW- go do that) it makes perfect cosmic sense. But others, like Jason Isbell, Memory Tapes, The Drowners, Run River North…Neko Case….just to name a few, are now a great part of my musical world thanks to you. They saved me many times during these past couple of tumultuous years. Weird how music can do that.

    And what will I do without JB’s philosophies on life, love and the pursuit of happiness? What happens when I don’t see a post from Richie Beans and be able to mumble to myself, “I wish I had a friend named Richie Beans...”?

    I am not a big shopper and I certainly never contemplated purchasing anything from the SkyMall catalog on the planes. But recently I couldn’t resist, and so purchased a bracelet with the inscription “It Is What It Is”. It just spoke to me. My kids thought I’d finally lost my last marble. Life comes at you, and you need to run with whatever the cosmos deem appropriate and trust that it will all turn out roses. (And I mean cosmic forces, not the drink.It can be a very bad drink, I once learned at a Super Bowl party.)

    Whatever happens, I trust that whatever the changes are, they will be better than you ever imagined, and that your heart will wind up safe and sound.

    ‘Til next time….

  2. Like the lyrics from “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, by way of “The Days of our lives”, and probably other TV influences, and with definite posthumous input via Socrates, “Nothing last forever but the earth and sky.” And by what I infer from this 40 Watt Gigolo post, the last has come leaving only the earth and sky.

    This is a sad, but happy pivot knowing that there is a person who's passion for music is far deeper than buying a piece of it or just turning on the radio for a listen, and that that passion attracted a tribe that I got to be a part of for a while. The stories, the feelings, the groovy dig on the experience of full on investing in the moment and drinking right to the limit of consciousness, but holding on to watch the intimate entanglement of life that occurs when men and women rope up and rustle in a cattle rancher bar. There is no pulp fiction to compare with shit that really happened (or just a damn good yarn, same diff.) That indistinguishable line just happens through quality writing.

    I am really going to miss the vast interests of musical tastes, and the stories that wrapped around and consumed each introduction and presentation of posts from the 40 Watt Gigolo. But, a run it was. Art it was definitely, and a craft will deployed. May the 40 Watt Gigolo tilt his hat, hoist his drink, and know that his presence is always welcome, but that his memory will last.

  3. Wow, sad news, selfishly, as I hate to see the mentoring of the Gigolo take a hiatus.Thanks to you, my musical knowledge grew exponentially. The true beauty of this blog has been unpredictable range of what awaits us next. Quirky, impulsive, or driven, but always quality stuff with a review that captured the pure essence of what was offered, and sometimes wildly informative. But this is so not about me, and there in lies the beauty of the hiatus -- how exciting for you Gigolo, to flourish and pursue the what's next. You rock, and I cannot thank you enough for the ear opening, sound infused enrichment offered these past few years. And Theresa, you DO have a friend named Richie Beans, for we are all family of the Gigolo... : )

  4. Well, that made my day! I have always wanted to be able to say to people, "So, I have this friend, Richie Beans..."

    We'll all be ok...the Gigolo is going places, and will hopefully take us all along for the ride.

    See ya, Richie Beans...:)

  5. Thanks for the beach goth shout out. Hope to see you resurface soon. Otherwise, SxSW next year!


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