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Stepchild - Jerry Lee Lewis

from the album Rock & Roll Time (2014) I woke up at 2:15am this morning trying to meet a deadline for some folks in Europe.  I've got the espresso machine working double duty and my dog is giving me that "are we going fishing?" look.  At times like these, finding the right tunes is essential. So I'm listening to the new Jerry Lee Lewis album.  That's right.  The Killer is still releasing great stuff at the age of 79.  It leaves me breathless. I have been particularly digging the Stepchild , a cover of an obscure Bob Dylan tune.  It is a rockin'-ramblin' song.  The type you would expect to hear in some swampy backwater juke joint.  Jerry Lee sounds great.  I can't stop listening. Also check out Here Comes That Rainbow Again , a slow ballad sung as a duet with Shelby Lynne. Click Here to listen to a sample of Stepchild on iTunes.

Having a hard time staying away...

There are too many great new records that need to be written about. I have been logging a bunch of windshield time these days listening to two CDs:   Acoustic Classics by Richard Thompson and Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone by Lucinda Williams. Acoustic Classics has me completely mesmerized.  As you know, I believe that the two essential ingredients for a great record are songwriting and vocals.  When those two elements are present, everything else falls into place.  So, on this record, Richard Thompson records new versions of some of his finest tunes accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. As I listen to the first few tracks, I become enveloped in the stripped down renditions of classics like Walking On A Wire and Wall Of Death .  They bring me back to nights in Bay Ridge and caution me to " beware of the bearded lady ." But with each track, I get more deeply entranced.   1952 Vincent Black Lightning gives me chills.  When James hands the keys to Red Molly