Acid To My Alkaline - Fujiya & Miyagi

from the album Artificial Sweeteners (2014)

I was recently binge watching Season One of Breaking Bad.  Somewhere around mid-season, I heard a song that completely blew me away.  I raced for my phone, opened Shazam, and soon learned that the song was Uh by the British electronic outfit Fujiya & Miyagi.

I digged this tune so much that I paused the marathon and started scouring the web for more.  Songs like Collarbone also blew me away.  Then I started looking for any 2014 releases.  I soon discovered the album Artificial Sweeteners.  The most popular song on the album is Vagaries Of Fashion, which I immediately downloaded.

However, there was one track title that fascinated me:  Acid To My Alkaline.  I had to hear this song.  I was wondering if I would feel neutral about it.  Fortunately, it left me saying "what the pH..."!

This song offers a great electric guitar track that offers a funk reminiscent of Talking Heads or The Bush Tetras.  The song also contains cool retro synthesizers and beats.  Further exciting my ear buds are the semi-spoken vocals that somehow remind me of INXS.

Be sure to check out this band's full catalogue.  It is loaded with great stuff.

Click Here to listen to Acid To My Alkaline.

Click Here to listen to Uh.