Hammond Eggs - Roy Bittan

from the album Out Of The Box (2014)

Let's give it up for The Professor !!!

Roy Bittan has spent the better part of the past 40 years as the pianist for the legendary E Street Band.  He has laid down some of the most memorable tracks in rock & roll.  When I think about Springsteen's Born To Run album, his fingers are all over the record.

Jungleland is always noted for Clarence Clemmon's sax solo, but the piano track underpins everything.  Think of other songs like Backstreets, Meeting Across The River, and legendary introduction to Thunder Road.  All those performances on one album.  Hair raising.

Lesser known - but also stellar - is his hand E work on albums by Dire Straits, Stevie Nicks, and Meat Loaf.  Hell, he even produced Lucinda Williams.

This week - at age 65 - he has released his first solo record, a collection of piano centric instrumentals.

My favorite song is Hammond Eggs.  The Hammond organ is not an instrument he is known to perform on, but man can he play.  I swear I can feel his joy as I listen.  How much fun must it have been for him to channel his inner Booker T?

Give this song a try.  It is a master having fun.

Click Here to listen to a sample of the track on iTunes.  Unfortunately, the track has been pulled off of You Tube.


  1. Hammond Eggs: What a great name, and without a doubt the best musical instrument of all time. In a time long ago and filled with much greater youthful exuberance, I could lift and maneuver both a Hammond B3 organ and its associated voice. The Leslie; that large mechanically analog phase-shifter that provided the wonderful tones brought forth from the keys of the B3. Yes, I spent some time assisting in the set up and performance of live music, and the Hammond B3 was a major center piece. This one instrument produced the tones that put people on the dance floor and got them in close proximity, moving and grooving to those soothing tones, and moving and grooving to the emotions of the moment. I venture to say that there are many of us that owe our very lives to those emotional moments created from the music. So much for flashback, music connects the past and the present to the moment and Hammond Eggs rolls it up as pure enjoyment.


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