Johnny And Mary - Bryan Ferry

from the album Avonmore (2014)

A couple of days ago, I took a little time out of my preparations for an Asian leg of my never-ending tour to meet my friend, Richie Beans, at a local record store.  I needed something new to chill out to on the 26 hour trip to the Philippines.  I picked up Avonmore, the latest Bryan Ferry album.

Leaving the store, I popped it into my automobile's CD player and was most pleasantly surprised.  To a large extent it has magnificent tones and vibe of his best 1980's recordings.  I made it about 8 tracks in before getting home.

So, I was grooving to the record somewhere over the Aleutian Islands when I got to hear the closing track for the first time.  It was a cover of one of my favorite Robert Palmer tunes, Johnny And Mary.  The song features an bouncing beat and a staccato instrumentation that frames Bryan Ferry's incredible voice in a way I quite dig.

For this track, he collaborates with Scandinavian groove master Todd Terje.  The combination of the two produces a stunning result.

I wish more mature artists would collaborate with younger musicians who are on top of their craft.

Note that this song also appeared on Todd Terje's album It's About Time earlier this year.

Click Here to listen to Johnny And Mary.