Mama Was Right - Mungo's Hi Fi

from the EP Bike Rider (2014)

Back in June, I wrote for the first time about the Scottish reggae band Mungo's Hi Fi and their song Serious Time.  Since then, I continue to become captivated by their brand of retro-ska stylings.  The song Mama Was Right is currently in my heavy rotation.

In the true SoundSystem fashion, this record includes vocals by Marina P.  Back in 2008, they collaborated on the tune Divorce a L'italienne, which brings a Deborah Harry-esque spunk to a hard reggae beat.  Also check out her reworking of Nina Simone on Inna Summertime from her excellent 2013 album My Homeys.  These songs are favorites when my funky friends drop in for a visit.

It is interesting to me how much of the best reggae I listen to these days comes form places like Los Angeles and Glasgow.  Cause for some cool meditation.

Click Here to listen to Mama Was Right.


  1. Very good words coming from Mama, as she truly does know best for her baby! We all should listen better, and take the wisdom as it comes to us. It sure would have saved me more times than I want to remember.


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