O'Sullivan's Jukebox - David Ford

from the EP The Arrangement (2014)

Upon hearing the song O'Sullivan's Jukebox by David Ford, I became fascinated with the Irish Ballad and rejoiced in having a contemporary singer/songwriter embrace the genre head first.  It also helped me realize that - in part - it is the Irish balladry that endears me to bands like The Pogues and Black 47.

Then I looked up "Music of Ireland" on Wikipedia.  Well I'll be damned if The Pogues are never mentioned.  Oversight of oversights.  When mankind looks back on the music of our times, they will envy us for having walked the earth with The Pogues.  Can you imagine attending one of their early pub shows?  To stand there drenched in sweat, dancing to the rapture of this brilliant band.  It must have been joy like no other.

And Wikipedia doesn't list them under the Music of Ireland.  Damn the internet.

There is something in the music of Ireland that stirs something deep inside me.  This goes far beyond my drunken desire to Riverdance.  It is music that tells a story, often with a melancholy that touches my soul.

So, please take a listen to O'Sullivan's Jukebox and, if you care to, follow the bouncing ball...

Well I've been around the block, let me tell you
And my hair is all turning to grey
And everything aches just a little bit more
Than it ever did back in the day
Now I don't move in higher class circles
I don't drive some big fancy car
Cause I put most my money in O'Sullivan's Jukebox
And the rest went behind the bar

Click Here to listen to O'Sullivan's Jukebox recorded live at The Union Chapel in London two days ago.


  1. Truly, if the record of our time is only recorded in Wikipedia, the Internet is damned! Or as the Pogues album would boldly exclaim Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. That would keep the Fuckers at bay. Also as a fellow Irish descendant, I too find that the Irish ballad strikes a chord deep in my being too, and “jukebox” hit on that chord. (Not to mention, listing to the Pogues while writing this response was equally enthralling.)


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