Superhero Disco (The Reflex Version) - Hackney Colliery Band

from the EP A Bit Of Common Decency (2014)

As a younger gigolo, I used to delight in playing the arcade game Asteroids.  You could usually find in the back of some seedy bar, my right palm on the trackball and my left index finger rapid firing at the ever approaching space rocks.  I was quite good at it.

The thing was that as you shot the larger asteroids, they would splinter into several smaller ones, each capable of destroying you (although you could obliterate the smallest of the ones).  Inevitably, you found yourself doomed.  However, as in all great games, there was an escape hatch: The Hyperspace Button.

Hitting the hyperspace button would instantly relocate you to a different part of the screen.  You may not be safe there, but at least you had a chance.

I wish I had a hyperspace button right now.  There sure is a bunch of stuff hurling my way these days and I wonder if I can keep shooting it down.  If only it were that easy...

However, it is possible to harness the power of music to take you to another place.  Such is the case with Superhero Disco by Wah-Wah-45 recording artists the Hackney Colliery Band.  Nothing takes me to another time and place like horn driven jazz over a disco beat.

Every instrument is stellar.  Same for the arrangement.  I dig how the drums hang out there, providing a beat with no complimenting bass groove.  Naked drumming.  And every horn sounds wonderful.  Credit is also due to the recording engineer.  What a job.

Click Here to listen to Superhero Disco (The Reflex Version).


  1. Truly a hyper jump into a safer space are the crisp tones of this song. If pushing the "fire" button only provides a temporary feeling of being in control, the horn fusion of these artist makes that atomic subtlety personally available. Cool, man!


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