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Kissin' Antonio - Tom Tom Club

from the album Downtown Rockers (2012)

I hate it when an excellent song slips thru the cracks.

Such is the case with Kissin' Antonio by Tom Tom Club.  I just stumbled across this 2012 record yesterday and have been diggin' this tune constantly ever since.

The song features an inspired keyboard track over a great beat and groove by Chris & Tina.  I also dig the vocals.

There are elements of the bass line conjure up Love Shack era B-52s and the vocals give me a glimmer of Robert DeNiro's Waiting and Shy Boy era Bananarama.

How can't I dig this tune?

Click Here for a music video for Kissin' Antonio put together by the folks at RISD.

The Heartbeat Of The Ocean

I am in Kawaii today attending the memorial service for a friend who died far too young.  It will be a small affair on a beach with twenty or so people.  We will be grilling lobster, having cocktails, and then sprinkling her remains in the sea.  Just as she wished.

I have been asked to coordinate the music for the occasion.

Last night, I visited the beach.  It was a magnificent night with a full moon reflecting on the ocean, tropical clouds hanging in the sky as though they were borrowed from a movie set, and waves softly washing onto the shore.  There is a reason many consider this paradise.

I was joined by my friend's father.  He is most sad to lose his daughter.  We sat - not speaking much - staring at - and listening to - the sea.

"The ocean has a heartbeat" he said.  "I first experienced it as a teenager in Wales, but have heard it throughout my life."  We continued sitting there, listening to the heartbeat.

It's tempo is slow.  Slower than your own he…