Kissin' Antonio - Tom Tom Club

from the album Downtown Rockers (2012)

I hate it when an excellent song slips thru the cracks.

Such is the case with Kissin' Antonio by Tom Tom Club.  I just stumbled across this 2012 record yesterday and have been diggin' this tune constantly ever since.

The song features an inspired keyboard track over a great beat and groove by Chris & Tina.  I also dig the vocals.

There are elements of the bass line conjure up Love Shack era B-52s and the vocals give me a glimmer of Robert DeNiro's Waiting and Shy Boy era Bananarama.

How can't I dig this tune?

Click Here for a music video for Kissin' Antonio put together by the folks at RISD.


  1. Love the Tom Tom Club! I do recall this song from back then, but you were just a young gigolo, inexperienced in your craft, so we will let it slide...

    I am just glad to have a great song to listen to at work on a Wednesday...


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