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Dangerous - Rumer

from the album Into Colour (2014) Friday mornings often put me in a silly mood in anticipation of a groovy weekend. This morning, I am cranking out one of my favorite pop ditties of 2014, Dangerous by Rumer. Dig the '70s production complete with disco strings.  How grand? Is your love too dangerous? Click Here to listen to Dangerous .

diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 - Aphex Twin

from the EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instrumentals pt2 (2015) Today, I am pounding on a keyboard trying to write 3000 words on something far less interesting than modern music.  Fortunately, my work environment allows me to crank tunes. When writing, I prefer listening to instrumentals.  They provide background enjoyment and do not clutter my mind with lyrics.  Unless, of course, I am generating a tear-stained email, in which case I would be cranking Blood On the Tracks . The new Aphex Twin EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instrumentals pt2 is the flavor of the day.  The sonic clarity is amazing.  In fact, it sounded so good that I broke out my Sony Studio Headphones for the 3rd listening. My favorite track is diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 .  This is not a campfire sing-a-long by any stretch.  It is well arranged electronic sounds and pulses, ambient piano, and a funky rhythmic underbelly.  It creates the perfect groove for the task of the day.  Spacious. Textured.  Stimul

Santaria - The Black Ryder

from the album The Door Behind The Door (2015) One of my favorite bands of all time are The Jesus And Mary Chain.  It is mind boggling that yesterday they announced a tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Psychocandy . That album helped define my listening in the 80s.  Tracks like Just Like Honey , Some Candy Talking , and You Trip Me Up helped introduce me to dark wave music.  I still crave it thirty years later. That vibe and tonal quality have resonated ever since.  A great example is the song Santaria from the forthcoming album by The Black Ryder, The Door Behind The Door .  I really dig this tune. From the opening tone of the notes gently picked on an electric guitar, with echoing drums sitting in the background, I am instantly sucked in to this song.  The droning vocals further excite me for the next three minutes.  Then WHAM power chords ring as the intensity level builds while maintaining a post punk afterglow. I plan on making a point of c

Atom Dance - Bjork

from the album Vulnikcura (2015) I've got a friend named Johnny Valdosta.  He is a bonafide Bjork freak. Any gathering at his house inevitably climaxes with Bjork videos synchronized on four walls with music booming louder than any Miami night club.  When Bjork is played anywhere else, he devolves to the point of losing his dignity. Our friends know better than to ever even mention Iceland's eclectic princess. So next time we're are all gathered together, I look forward to asking "So what do you think of the new Bjork album, Johnny?" He will be so happy. I will share that my favorite track on the album is Atom Dance .  I imagine his jaw agape and eyes unblinking in the splendor of this unexpected choice.  The orchestral arrangement, the vocals, the second half which forms a song within a song.  As someone in cyberspace offered " her own personal beat heavy and sadly beautiful Blood On The Tracks ."  I dig it. Does Johnny Valdosta think you

I'm In Love With You - Ryan Adams

from the single Do You Laugh When You Lie? (2014) Love.  Exciting and New.  If only it were that easy. Once upon a time, I was a freckle faced boy with a somewhat naive view of love.  Bopping around like Super Mario with a bouquet of daisies in my hand for that special someone.  Singing along to Paul McCartney songs like nothing else mattered.  And it didn't. Good news is that that kid still lives inside me and pops his head out from time to time.  However, I have also grown to understand that love ever evolving in its complexity.  Like a fine wine. I've been happily exploring those more nuanced elements of love lately.  Finding meaning in the art of Marc Chagall, the books of Graham Greene, and the poems of Jose Garcia Villa.  Did you really think I would mention Larry Flint? So, when Ryan Adams released a song titled I'm In Love With You,  I needed to know if he would be rhyming love with above, or perhaps rubber glove. It is both pure and dark.  Alone with h

Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana - Dune Rats

from the album Dune Rats (2014) Welcome to 2015.  My resolution for this year is to embrace fun and silly at every turn.  Life is simply too short.  I'm gonna laugh my way thru whatever time I have left. Difficult in the face of global jihad and intolerant people everywhere who can't take a fucking joke.  We would all benefit if they would just roll it, lick it, suck it, feel it. What better way to start an irreverent new year than with a song by Dune Rats, a trio of lo-fi surf punks from Brisbane, Australia, and their tune  Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana ?  No smarter choice of spiritual leader to pick on in song, since this endearing Tibetan is least likely to open a can of fatwa.  In fact, he wouldn't hurt a fly.  Dig the Dalia. My favorite thing about this song is how the syllables bounce of my tongue like silly bells in a childish melody.  Makes me happy. You can find this tune on Bandcamp. Click Here to watch the video to Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana