Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana - Dune Rats

from the album Dune Rats (2014)

Welcome to 2015.  My resolution for this year is to embrace fun and silly at every turn.  Life is simply too short.  I'm gonna laugh my way thru whatever time I have left.

Difficult in the face of global jihad and intolerant people everywhere who can't take a fucking joke.  We would all benefit if they would just roll it, lick it, suck it, feel it.

What better way to start an irreverent new year than with a song by Dune Rats, a trio of lo-fi surf punks from Brisbane, Australia, and their tune Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana?  No smarter choice of spiritual leader to pick on in song, since this endearing Tibetan is least likely to open a can of fatwa.  In fact, he wouldn't hurt a fly.  Dig the Dalia.

My favorite thing about this song is how the syllables bounce of my tongue like silly bells in a childish melody.  Makes me happy.

You can find this tune on Bandcamp.

Click Here to watch the video to Dalia Lama Big Banana Marijuana.