diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 - Aphex Twin

from the EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instrumentals pt2 (2015)

Today, I am pounding on a keyboard trying to write 3000 words on something far less interesting than modern music.  Fortunately, my work environment allows me to crank tunes.

When writing, I prefer listening to instrumentals.  They provide background enjoyment and do not clutter my mind with lyrics.  Unless, of course, I am generating a tear-stained email, in which case I would be cranking Blood On the Tracks.

The new Aphex Twin EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instrumentals pt2 is the flavor of the day.  The sonic clarity is amazing.  In fact, it sounded so good that I broke out my Sony Studio Headphones for the 3rd listening.

My favorite track is diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13.  This is not a campfire sing-a-long by any stretch.  It is well arranged electronic sounds and pulses, ambient piano, and a funky rhythmic underbelly.  It creates the perfect groove for the task of the day.  Spacious. Textured.  Stimulating.

Click Here to listen to diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13.