Santaria - The Black Ryder

from the album The Door Behind The Door (2015)

One of my favorite bands of all time are The Jesus And Mary Chain.  It is mind boggling that yesterday they announced a tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Psychocandy.

That album helped define my listening in the 80s.  Tracks like Just Like Honey, Some Candy Talking, and You Trip Me Up helped introduce me to dark wave music.  I still crave it thirty years later.

That vibe and tonal quality have resonated ever since.  A great example is the song Santaria from the forthcoming album by The Black Ryder, The Door Behind The Door.  I really dig this tune.

From the opening tone of the notes gently picked on an electric guitar, with echoing drums sitting in the background, I am instantly sucked in to this song.  The droning vocals further excite me for the next three minutes.  Then WHAM power chords ring as the intensity level builds while maintaining a post punk afterglow.

I plan on making a point of catching The Black Ryder live when they pass my way.  Hopefully soon.

Click Here to listen to Santaria on SoundCloud.