American Beauty - Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

from the album Medicine (2015)

American Beauty is a beautifully subtle song.

I dig the tone of the guitar.  It is clean and crisp, with a rounded sound to the strings that adds a warmth that I find appealing.  The song also contains space that allows the melodic rhythms and musical intricacies to evolve.

This music is the perfect complement to Drew Holcomb's vocals, which are pure with an underlaying vulnerability.

Together the vocals and music make each other stronger and more rugged, much like the American Beauty rose.

The lyrics are also thoughtful and tender:

With her wayfarers on
In the summer sun
Her touch felt like a loaded gun
Wish I had held her longer
Wish I had held her longer

A sweet song for mellower times.

Click Here to watch the official video to American Beauty.