Midnight - Tor Miller

from the EP Headlights (2015)

There is nothing I dig more than a well written song.  Particularly songs with lyrics that create lasting visual images.

I also dig songs about New York City, my ancestral home.

The song Midnight by Tor Miller contains all of these things.

The music is magnificent.  A well recorded piano serves as the central instrument.  It plays sustained chords early on, allowing you to synchronize yourself with their progression and appreciate the lyrics, vocals, and melody line.  Drums and bass soon enter, along with other accompaniment.

The music intertwines with the vocals.  Together they leverage to create a series of powerful crescendos.  The vocals are stellar.

Then there is my favorite part: the visual imagery centered on "the lonely hours of midnight."  Dive bars, car fumes, angry drunks, rumbling concrete, two stumbling lovers, someone buying a loosie, the Holland Tunnel.  They all take me back to that fine metropolis.

Great to hear such a well crafted and performed tune.

Click Here to listen to Midnight.