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Hold On Magnolia - Glen Hansard

from the album It Was Triumph We Once Proposed ... Songs Of Jason Molina (2015) Jason Molina was a talented and tortured soul.  Over his 39 years on this planet, his wrote and performed lasting songs that evoked both melodic beauty and desolation in the rich tones and spaces between the notes. I was fortunate to be introduced to the music of his revolving band Songs: Ohia by a bartender in Oregon ten or so years ago.  The music spoke to me then, and still does today. My favorite song was (and still is)  Hold On Magnolia .  I find it both mournful and uplifting.  It is the kind of song I could picture The Band performing (with either Rick Danko or Levon Helm singing).  I dig the way this tune touches me in the solitude of a wine-soaked night. This week a collection of Jason Molina songs was released by Glen Hansard.  His treatment to these songs is respectful and pure.  His tonal quality of his Irish voice is well suited for the material and adds the necessary authenticity for

Depreston - Courtney Barnett

from the forthcoming album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (2015) I really dig Courtney Barnett's deadpan, rambling style.  Songs like Avant Gardener and History Eraser are staples in most of my newer music playlists. With great anticipation, I devoured the two pre-releases from her forthcoming album, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit .  The song Depreston plays repeatedly on all my devices. This song captures me with its visual imagery.  Like many great songs, the little images paint a collective landscape that beautifully collects time and place. You said that we should look out further I guess it wouldn't hurt us We'd needn't have to be at all these coffee shops Now we got that percolator Never made a latte greater I'm saving 23 dollars a weeks We drive to a house in Preston We see police arresting A man with his hand in a bag How's that for first impressions This place seems depressing Its the Cali