Some Days I'm Golden All Night - Josh Rouse

from the album The Embers Of Time (2015)

This morning, I heard the song Some Days I'm Golden All Night by Josh Rouse for the first time and I can't stop digging it.

This song has a city-boy-crossing-the-country-on-a-greyhound sensibility that reminds me of Harry Nilsson singing Everybody's Talkin' (even though the Midnight Cowboy metaphor is reversed).

Some Days I'm Golden All Night shares many of the finest attributes with the Harry Nilsson classic.  Of course, this starts with the songwriting.  A simple, rambling melody with a vocal line that is easy to sing along with the exception of some higher-register notes that are fun to try hitting.  The lyrics provide gentle visual imagery that matches the vibe.  The vocals are delivered pure and clean.  The arrangement rises and falls, carrying the listener along the journey.

But my favorite part of this song is the drumming.  The galloping beat from the brushes on a snare is perfect for the rambling vibe.  It is the common thread that keeps you hooked.  This technique is used in Everybody's Talkin' and other classic songs, like Willie Nelson's On the Road Again.  I find I am always drawn to songs with this style of drumming.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Some Days I'm Golden All Night.

Click Here to watch clips from Midnight Cowboy set to Harry Nilsson's classic Everybody's Talkin'.


  1. Hey 40 Watt...I like this guy!! I am listening to some of his stuff on You Tube and I like his chill style...good for a Friday afternoon when it is almost beer-thirty...:)

  2. Glad you like him. I stumbled on his Nashville album about the same time I came across Sean Hayes. There music makes an excellent pairing, especially around beer-thirty.


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