100Mc4 - Trickfinger

from the album Trickfinger (2015)

If necessity is the mother of invention, who are the parents of reinvention?

Why did Julia Child not write her first cookbook until age 50?  Why did Grandma Moses become a painter at age 78?  What inspired Peter Roget to begin compiling his thesaurus at age 70?  There are people in this world who are driven towards reinvention.  Towards embracing new tools.  Towards trying something new.

These thoughts are bouncing around my brain when I listen to the new album by Trickfinger.  This is an electronica album of the acid variety.  It is also a testament to the personal reinvention of John Frusciante, former lead guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  What compels a guitar hero to leave it behind for synths and sequencers?

Picasso referred to it as the "sun in my belly."

So, check out the tune 100Mc4.  I believe it is named after a data delay device, but I am only guessing.  I dig this track.  It's in the synth riff, the tones, and knowing that this is the work of a person who is reinventing themself.  Bless him.

Click Here to listen to 100Mc4.