Butterfly - Rocky Dawuni

from the album Branches Of The Same Tree (2015)

I regularly find myself thinking about the great songwriters who sang for social change but died too young.  I think about the songs they might have written and wonder how they would frame this crazy, messed up world.  John Lennon.  Joe Strummer.  Bob Marley.  You know them.

But these songwriters are all multi-sided.  They have each written some of the greatest songs of love and unity I have heard.  Truth is, great songwriters are in touch with all things human.  Protest, love, you name it.

Anyhow, I became overjoyed when Ghanan super-star, Rocky Dawuni, covered a nearly unknown Bob Marley tune.  The song Butterfly was a demo that was later released as a rarity.  It is a love song like only Bob Marley can write.

Rocky Dawuni does this song justice.  I dig the backing vocals, the relaxed strumming, and the not-to-over-the-top orchestration.

It is crazy to think of all the great music that might have been...

Click Here to listen to Rocky Dawuni perform Butterfly.

Click Here to listen to Bob Marley's rough demo of Butterfly.