Somethings Weren't Meant To Be - Eilen Jewell

from the album Sundown Over Ghost Town (2015)

A lucky horseshoe in an pile of junk.  A hot rod decaying in the thorns and the weeds.  Daisy seeds planted.  Yesterday's sages.  Dried up old cactus.  These are all visual images in Eilen Jewell's new song Something's Weren't Meant To Be.

Coping with a world of unrealized dreams is part of the human condition.  A failed business.  A relationship that didn't work out.  The guitar sitting in the corner of the room that never gets played.  These are all a part of life.

I really dig how Eilen Jewell captures this reality in a melancholy country waltz.  It is a beautiful musical form that is perfectly suited to capture a sad, universal truth.

I also dig the craft in assembling this song.  The soft country piano, the steel guitar that sounds like a teardrop, the thud of the snare, the grit in the lead guitar tone.  Each tone is magnificently placed and restrained.

And then there is the curious choice of "somethings" over "some things."  I dig that too.

Click Here to listen to Somethings Weren't Meant To Be.