Taste The Ceiling - Wilco

from the album Star Wars (2015)

Sometimes, all it takes is a single line for me to be forever hooked into a song.

Such is the case Taste The Ceiling from Wilco's brand new, unexpected release.  The line poses the questions:

Why do our disasters creep so slowly into view?

I've been singing this line like a mantra.  I've picked up the old acoustic and learned the chords so I can sing along.  I've been scanning my freeze frame of a world looking for creepers (and finding them).

It is fantastic when a song reveals a universal truth that otherwise goes unnoticed.  Here is the full lyric:

I was only asking for a moment of the truth
I can't fight the feeling when I'm hanging out with you
Why do I forgive you because I get confused
I could never leave behind the part of me that you refuse

I was on the ceiling I could almost feel the sun
Try the words in sequence but that's never how it's done
Why do our disasters creep so slowly into view
I was only after a friend to follow through I couldn't lose

I don't know why you don't really know me
I don't think you can call it home
All alone I couldn't taste another thing

I was on the ceiling and I swore it might be true
I could fight the feeling but not quite as well as you could do

I don't know, won't you come and show me
I don't think its what you did before
All alone I couldn't take a kiss like you

Download this song at your favorite digital outlet.  It's free !!!

Click Here to listen to Taste The Ceiling by Wilco.


  1. It is a treat when you find a song that provides an explanation for an observed, but unexplained life action. Like the creepers. We all have something that we can't identify, but that special someone in our life has as the biggest spot on their radar. Hmmmm.


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