Aqua Teen Dream - Patti Smith

from the TV series finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2015)

The elegy is one of the most sanctified forms of poetry or song, lamenting on death since the days of the ancient greeks.

In the world of western music, there is perhaps no artist more qualified to deliver an elegy than Patti Smith.

Last night, she delivered a musical elegy at the close of the series finale for the Adult Swim cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  What a brilliant way to go!

In a deadpan style, Patti Smith sings:

I never dreamed
I'd be an Aqua Teen
Thirteen seasons
What did it mean?
A Master Shake
Meatwad, a floating head
And now you're dead
And it's the end
of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
It's the end
of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

So, grab a Kleenex and have a listen.

Click Here to listen to Aqua Teen Dream.