High Note - Mavis Staples

from the album Livin' On A High Note (2016)

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Mavis Staples said:

"I was looking for some joyful songs.  I want to leave something to lift people up.  I"m so busy making people cry, not from sadness, but I'm always telling a part of history that brought us down and I'm trying to bring us back up."

I dig the thoughtfulness behind looking at one's legacy and wanting to leave on a positive note.  It is different than leaving at the pinnacle or setting an example, it is more about passing on hope.

Written by Valerie June, this record is quintessential Mavis.  Fall into the groove, soar with her vocals, and live the message.  Soon enough, you'll be Livin' On A High Note...

Click Here to listen to High Note on SoundCloud.


  1. Haven't seen a post for a view in a while Mr. Watt. Hope all is well. I'll give it a listen. Fred


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