Dub Yuh Feet - Runkus

from the album Move In (2016)

Lately, I find myself seeking out instrumental music.  Odd thing for a lyric and fine vocal lover, but sure enough, that's the deal.

The reason is that I am spending a lot of time in my head these days.  Thinking.  Deciphering.  Strategizing.  The battle between good and evil is raged in one's head, and the road to righteous victory cannot afford the noise of words.

It is all about the groove.  Think to the groove.  Find your path and march to the groove.  For it is the power of the groove that permits justice to wield its fearsome axe.

Dub Yuh Feet has administered a rightful groove this week.  It's bass line delivering kinetic ebullience over savory reggae beats, synths, and horns.

Summon the Nyabinghi Drummers, Kumina Dancers, and Rasta Priests.  Glory and triumph await.

Click Here to listen to Dub Yuh Feet by Runkus.