Run One Mile - Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

from the album Tales Of Mozambique (reissued 2016)

Jamming takes on different dimensions depending on the calibre of musicians you are jamming with. At one end of the spectrum is the idea of "jamming with Miles Davis" which is something for the master musician taking their craft to higher heights.  The other end is when you are partying at a friends house and a couple of people pick up some instruments and start noodling around.

The noodling almost always attracts a crowd, and on a good night you find percussion eventually being passed out to the people standing around.  As any of my funky friends will tell you, these are good times.

The key to episodes is having a mindful bass player.  Someone who knows that a bass player has two roles:  Establish The Groove and Maintain The Groove.  In these settings a bass player provides the foundation for everyone else to noodle, repeating that grove for hours.  For these low-frequency saints, joy is found in the good time of the collective and appreciation is offered to those who can steadily clap hands.

The song Run One Mile fascinates me because it is a bunch of really talented musicians noodling like it was a house party.

Check out the bass.  Establish the groove.  Maintain the groove.  Check out the percussion.  everyone owns a piece of the rhythm.  Nobody overplays.  Check out the fella on the horn riding the groove.

Now its your turn.  Free your mind.  Ride the chill.  Invite Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari to your next own private jamboree.

Click Here to listen to Run One Mile.