T.I.W.Y.G. - Savages

from the album Adore Life (2016)

A couple of years ago, I caught a Savages show with one of my funky friends at a small club in ATL. As the show ended and the lights came up, we stood still - jaws dropped - until one of said "Holy shit.  They are the real deal."

In the time that followed, there is no record I have anticipated more.  And now it is here.

My favorite tune is T.I.W.Y.G.  It starts with crackling feedback that soon gives way to pulsing bass and Jehnny Beth repeating the phrase "This is what you get when you mess with love."  This post-post explosion lasts for two and a half minutes before it breaks down slow, setting up a final paroxysm.

Three minutes and nine seconds of marvel from the Ladies of London.

Click Here to listen to T.I.W.Y.G.


  1. Not truly deserving as cacophony, albeit the subject matter nails deep into the discord one finds when you mess with love! T. I. W. Y. G. lays it out raw for all that know, and for those yet to gain the painfully obtained knowledge that love provides. Because love is not the drug, but the medicine you'll need to share your heart, your mind, and your soul with the one you chose to entwine.

    1. Thanks JB. Are you saying that messing with love is like messing with someone's medicine? If so, I wouldn't want to be around when Jehnny Beth is off her meds!!!


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