Ain't No Shame - Anthony Hamilton

from the album What I'm Feelin' (2016)

There is a place that I like to go.  It exists in my mind and the only way I know to get there is by listening to a handful of 1970's R&B masters, particularly Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder.

Throughout my musical journey, I have waited in vain for a new artist to emerge who can take me to that place.

With each new Anthony Hamilton release, I wonder "Will this be the record"?   After all he has the voice and the proven ability to blow me away with songs like Sista Big Bones, Woo, and Freedom (from the Django Unchained soundtrack).

On his new album, What I'm Feelin', there are great songs of all shapes and sizes.  One of them - Still - comes damn close.

But it a a funky southern soul number called Ain't No Shame that has put me under a spell.  It takes me to a different place.  A place a little bit dirtier, a bit nastier, a bit more southern.  I dig this place.

Click Here to listen to Ain't No Shame.