Cry Cry - Grant-Lee Phillips

from the album The Narrows (2016)

I have found myself absorbed in the song Cry Cry by Grant Lee Buffalo over the past few days.

There are so many things I dig about this song.  In no particular order:

-->  The tempo is slow, giving the song space.  I can almost hear an imaginary metronome saying "tic-toc, tic-toc"
-->  The way the vocals hang out the word "cry" flashes a hint of Chris Isaak.
-->  The intro has a beat and vibe that takes me back to Springsteen's I'm On Fire
-->  The meter of the vocals in the verse have a Robert Plant quality
-->  The tone of the lead guitar and how it hangs a little bit behind the beat

But the thing I dig most is how this song maintains a sense of originality within its alt-country noir framework.  For those who admire Grant-Lee Buffalo, this song makes a great addition to your ever-evolving playlist.  For those who are less familiar, dive in.

Click Here to listen to Cry Cry by Grant-Lee Buffalo