Need You Tonight - Bonnie Raitt

from the album Dig In Deep (2016)

The past sixty years is filled with modern artists of all genres putting their take on classic blues songs.  As Willie Dixon famously said "The blues are the roots, the rest are the fruits."

I guess that is why I dig it so when blues artists cover songs from other genres.  Perhaps nobody did it better than Etta James.  Her covers of The Rolling Stones' Miss You and Guns 'n Roses Welcome To The Jungle are staples in some of my favorite playlists.

The latest addition to my roots-cover-fruits playlist is Need You Tonight by Bonnie Raitt.   On this rendition, Ms. Raitt takes the INXS classic and lends it to a funkified southern groove.  I dig the percussive sway, the slide guitar, the stops, and - of course - the vocals.  Good stuff.

Click Here to listen to Bonnie Raitt cover Need You Tonight.