Styggo - The Dandy Warhols

from the album Distortland (2016)

Every day is a gift.  This is my latest mantra.  Seek out joy.  Find a happy spot.  Don't hurry off too quick.  Chill out.  Enjoy.

So this afternoon I took a little time for myself.  Got fuzzy and drove real fast down an Alabama Highway.  Windows down.  Music blasting.  Pull into a bar for a few tequila shots.  Sit on a picnic table.  Absorb a little sunshine.  Get back in the car.  Crank more tunes.

Styggo - from The Dandy Warhol's forthcoming album Distortland - is the song of the day.

Feel the vibe.  Let the bass line shake your metal.  Mind-meld with the melody.


Every day is a gift.

Click Here to listen to Styggo by The Dandy Warhols.