A Life Worth Living - Quantic

from the forthcoming album 1000 Watts (2016)

Will Holland is a master of the vibe and the groove.

Starting his career in his native England, Will Holland - under the name Quantic - evolved his musicianship while branching into DJing and Record Producing, where he was known for deep, nasty funk and classic soul.

In 2007, he moved to Cali, Columbia and opened a recording studio.  One exciting outcome was the formation of his Flowering Inferno project, an ever-changing collective of musicians from the region.  Their sound combined elements of reggae and dub with other tropical forms like salsa, cumbia, and bossa nova.  When coupled with his DJ acumen and producing chops, it flourished.

In 2014, he relocated to NYC.

On his forthcoming album - 1000 Watts - Quantic presents his Flowering Inferno featuring Jamaican toastmaster U-Roy and Brit soul singer Alice Russell.  The first release is the song A Life Worth Living.  Take a listen and loose yourself for five minutes.  If you are anything like me you will still be hitting repeat for the next hour.

I even put on the headphones to listen.  The vibe.  The groove.  That tight, tight rhythm section.  The production.  All incredible.  But check out the sound of those horn !!!.  They are so laid back.  Coupled with the vocals they create the perfect one-two punch.

This is great music.

Click Here to listen to Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno play A Life Worth Living on SoundCloud.