Bad Texan - The Lucid Dream

from the single Bad Texan (2016)

The Lucid Dream are an outstanding group of neo-psychedelic blastmasters from the UK.  Their 2013 single Love In My Veins is a playlist staple whenever my funky friends stop by, finding itself in the company of Hookworms, The Roaring 420s, Singapore Sling, and Super Furry Animals.

Their latest single is titled Bad Texan, which causes me to grin due to my love-hate relationship with various Lone Star State citizens.  I really dig this tune.

Check out the sound of the drum kit in the opening measures.  Have you ever heard anything so real?

Then come the guitars and synths, echo and reverb on ten.  Is this some kind of space aged love song?  I'm falling in love...

This band plays hard and tight.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Bad Texan.