Changes - Charles Bradley

from the album Changes (2016)

In the month's since David Bowie's death, scores of artists have payed tribute by covering one of his classic songs.  When I learned that Charles Bradley was including a soul version of Changes on his new album, I was eager to take a listen.

Much to my surprise, it wasn't a David Bowie song he was covering but rather a Black Sabbath song.  Dig it.

Changes is a song on the 1972 album Volume 4, an album where Sabbath first began experimenting with new textures and tones.  The song is nearly a piano ballad, with Tony Iommi putting down his guitar to bang out long, sustained piano chords.  To this accompaniment, Ozzie Osbourne puts his vocal chops on fine display.  I love listening to Ozzie sing this song because it reminds me that Ozzie can really fucking sing.

Interestingly, this song is often played at funerals for Metal Heads.  Enough for guessing Electric Funeral...

So Charles Bradley's cover is a total delight.  A slow, Stax-dripping soul version complete with Memphis horns.  The gravel in Charles Bradley's voice takes you down a hard, truthful road.  This is magic.

Hats off to the folks at Brooklyn's Daptone records for bringing great artists like Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley to the forefront and doing it in a way that creates the greatest new moments in classic Soul and R&B.  You are simply the best.

Click Here to watch the official video of Charles Bradley covering Changes.

Click Here to listen to the Black Sabbath original version of Changes.


  1. Damn right Ozzie can shout it out! But the thing is that with the suggestive nature of Youtube, I just had to go and give "War Pigs" a listen too. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

    1. War Pigs !!! I love the lyric:

      Day of Judgement, God is Calling
      On their knees the War Pigs crawling


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