Dance Like Fire - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

from the album Call It What It Is (2016)

For over twenty years, Ben Harper has consistently released some of the most thoughtful and beautiful music I have known.  Songs of love.  Songs of protest.  Songs of peace.  Songs of home.  His music is woven into the soundtrack of my life.

Dance Like Fire is the latest addition to my soundtrack.  It is a mellow roots tune with an incredible melody.  The musicianship is spot on.  The production has uncommon clarity.  And then there is Ben Harper's voice delivering yet another magnificent lyric:

It takes four men to carry a coffin
But just one to carry a cross
Takes a lifetime to find yourself
A split second to be lost
If we could dance like fire
We'd never get burned

The song takes me back to the first time I heard Ben Harper, in the mid-90s living room of two sound engineers in Decatur, Georgia.  They were convinced that Ben Harper was the real deal, a voice for a new generation.  We drank Bloody Mary's and listened to his record over and over.  Each time, I was more convinced they were right.

And they were.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Dance Like Fire.