I Have Some Business Out West - Hookworms

from the album Hookworms (2016)

Hookworms are one of my favorite bands in recent years.  Their records can be played in their entirety providing a great end-to-end sonic experience.

I particularly like it when they play psychedelia over a strong groove.  Such is the case with I Have Some Business Out West, my favorite track on their latest eponymous record.  The long sustained keyboards over the groove and tight drum rhythm becomes hypnotic.

The female vocals enter next.  They are more spoken than sung adding an irreverence to the vibe that I quite enjoy.  Then at the three minute mark the band kicks into a controlled mayhem that is exhilarating.  Next they break it down and build it back up to a chaotic climax.

Enjoy the ride...

Click Here to listen to I Have Some Business Out West.