Lingerie & Candlewax - Mayer Hawthorne

from the album Man About Town (2016)

Flying home from a week in Vegas.  Can't really talk about it.

Las Vegas is a crazy house of mirrors.  Millions of stories about real people in a world of adult make believe.   It has a certain seedy element that attracts me, similar to Bukowski's LA.

So here is a song I was digging all week by Mayer Hawthorne, Lingerie & Candlewax.  R&B with a deep groove, slick city horns, and back-up singers straight from a Donald Fagan after-hours party.  A snappy beat, cool synths, and a vibe that makes me want to crack the cognac.

I also dig the serpentining melody lines throughout the vocal arrangements.  It won't take long before you're singing:

Smokin' in the Cadillac
Take a hit pass it back
Starts with this ends with that
Lingerie and candlewax

And then the female singers chime in with an appreciative "You know what I need, babe."

You need this song in your late night party mix.

Click Here to listen to Lingerie & Candlewax.