Love Don't Let Me Down - Hayes Carll

from the album Lovers And Leavers (2016)

The TV pundits keep talking about the anger that spans our country.  They keep wondering how those in the beltway bubble missed it.  Funny thing is that they are not getting it either.

The murky currents that run though most folks I know have little to do with anger.  They are more aligned with emptiness and hollowness.  So many of us get up every morning, fight the good fight, and bust our ass, only to slip a little further back, finding ourselves a little less secure.

This leaves many of us empty vessels looking towards love for purpose.  Oh, how we play with fire.

On the song Love Don't Let Me Down, Hayes Carll touches that spot like only the finest Texas singer-songwriter can.  A quiet song with a tender lyric.  Play it on a wine-soaked night and mourn the loves you have lost with a song of hope in these rock hard times.

Under the sun, ain't nothing new
There's lovers and leavers and moments forgotten
And dreams that don't ever come true
And even though I'm afraid
I'm gonna stand my ground
If it's not asking too much
Love don't let me down

Click Here to listen to Love Don't Let Me Down off of Lovers And Leavers.


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