Peace Of Mind - Peter Wolf

from the album A Cure for Loneliness (2016)

In the decade before their smash hit albums Love Stinks and Freeze Frame, The J. Geils Band was one of the most incredible American bands to ever hit the stage.  They mixed a stomping blues fury with classic R&B and Soul.  Their concerts erupted in rapture leaving exhilarated fans breathless and drenched in sweat.

At the center of it was Peter Wolf, the dance-happy frontman who made Mick Jagger look like one legged pirate, holding court over some of the greatest party music ever performed.

At age 70, he has released a new album - A Cure For Loneliness - that drips with all kinds of great American styles, but mostly southern R&B and soul.

The song I've been digging off the record is Peace Of Mind.  I can't get over how effortless this song feels.  Making music this good is never easy.  How do they make it sound so chill?  I keep listening and can't figure it out.  I also dig the opening lyrics:

When I was a young man
I believed in everything
Now I'm not a young man
And I don't know what song to sing

The shitty thing about Rock & Roll is that it lifts a middle finger to past generations.  Even bands like Wilco get labeled "dad rock" although they are making some of the most relevant music of our times.  Blues, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Country, all of them treasure their path blazers, but not Rock & Roll.

Ain't that a shame?  Peter Wolf is an American treasure.  Enjoy this song.

Click Here to listen to Peace Of Mind by Peter Wolf.