Peaches - The Roosevelts

from the album The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn (2016)

I've seen a band of highly-talented musicians approach the line where they needed to either quit their day jobs and totally commit, or go home.  Most went home.  The Committed One rambled from town to town, sometimes living in his van, an ultimately succeeded.  I dig that.

Likewise, when James Mason and Jason Kloess stood at that line they had much to lose.  For James, a career in medicine, Jason in technology.  The Roosevelts are the result of their choosing music, the fruits of which were witnessed when they blew the roof off SXSW last month.

On their sophomore release - The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn - you hear the dedication anywhere your ears focus.  The craftsmanship in the songwriting.  The tender inflections in the vocals and harmonies.  The melody lines.  The tone.  These guys own their sound.

The Roosevelts website cites three musical influences:  James Taylor, Joe Cocker, and Ryan Adams.  Quite a trio.

Peaches - my favorite track on the album - is a catchy, blues-tinged jam with an infectious vibe that leans towards Cocker.  Aside from simply liking the song, I've become mesmerized by its attention to detail.  Dozens of little things come together to differentiate this song from similar tunes by others.  This is a direct result from The Roosevelts being "all in."

Take a listen to their commitment.  Hope it inspires you.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Peaches.

Click Here to watch The Roosevelts perform Peaches live in a Blue Rock Studio.