Time Wind - M83

from the album Junk (2016)

Last night, I had a chance to sit outside with a yummy tequila drink and sit under the stars cranking Junk, the latest album by M83.

The fifteen songs are presented as a complete recording, an album intended to be listened to from start to finish.  It is also meant to be listened to loud as it its dynamic variations from softly-sung  french vocals over piano to soaring, big groove numbers.  I plan to listen to this record often.

Time Wind is a song that I really dig.  It combines a funky bass groove with M83's trademark piano and vocal melody lines that recall 70s groups - like The Alan Parsons Project - and 80s artists like Dream Academy.

Adding to my soft spot for this tune is that it features a cameo appearance by Beck.

Click Here to listen to Time Wind by M83.