A Little Help - John Doe

from the album The Westerner (2016)

Once upon a time, a pack of young drunks went to The Starship - a legendary music dive in Milwaukee - to support their friend Susan, who was playing bass guitar on a punk rock bill.   It was a sweaty, slam dancing exult.

The headliner was X.  John Doe, Billy Zoom, DJ Bonebrake, and the enchanting Exene Cervenka - founders of the LA punk scene.  They blew the joint apart.  I've been hooked ever since.

Although I still regularly crank More Fun In The New World with my funky friends on warm southern nights, I have also developed an affinity for John Doe's downtempo solo tunes.  Well-written songs that cut me open with their honesty.  Vocals that bathe me in sonic warmth.

A Little Help is one of these songs.  It is a simple tune about something we all need from time to time:

Help me
Help me
Everybody needs a little help
Help me
Won't you help me
Not all the time
Or every day
Just need a little help today

Honest and pure.  Road worn and weary.

When I listen to John Doe, I think of how innocent we were, stage diving at The Starship to bands like Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, and Flipper.  We still are...

Click Here to listen to A Little Help.