Ain't Who I Was - Bonnie Bishop

from the album Ain't Who I Was (2016)

I am drawn to the songwriting of Bonnie Bishop for the space between her notes.  Space that lets the moodiness of a minor chord envelop the listener.  Space that lets a tender lyric pull on your heart.  It is no wonder that Bonnie Raitt - who regularly records Ms. Bishop's songs - calls her talent "incredible."

Bonnie Bishop is also a gifted vocalist, whose tone can effortlessly slide from tender to grit.

Her new album Ain't Who I Was is full of fabulous songs and vocals.  The record is produced by David Cobb, who has create some of my favorite records by artists like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson.

I am most drawn to the flawless and timeless title track.  A song that would have been a radio hit in the 1970s for Rita Collidge.  I particularly dig the smooth vocals and redemptive lyrics:

I stay out late
Every night
In a different state
Getting high as a kite
Until I come down
I don't realize that I've been flying

I suppose you know
I can dig myself a hole
I've been told time and again
Yeah, the rumors are true
But I ain't who I was back then

Click Here to listen to Ain't Who I Was.