Champa - Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

from the album Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra (2016)

Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra are my favorite act of 2016, thus far.

Their music stands at the intersection of classical and electronica.  The band consists of Kate Simko playing keyboards and overseeing the loops.  Behind her is an incredible all-female band consisting of an upright bass, two violins, two cellos, and a harp.

Champa is my favorite song on the record due to its bright tempo and infectious beat.  This song was originally performed by German Electronic Producer and DJ - Parra for Cuva.  Kate Simko did the definitive remix of his recording previous to this version.

The mixing of classical and electronica produces some of the greatest possibilities in music today.  I figure there are two driving reasons: 1) the songs are composed, arranged, and performed by classically trained musicians, and 2) the addition of beats to classical instrumentation resonates with simple, drum-crazed minds (like mine).

Hats off to the engineers and developers who democratized the recording of music with outstanding, inexpensive software tools.  In the hands of talented musicians - like Kate Simko - they empower magic.

Click Here to listen to Champa by Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra.

Click Here to watch Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra live at The Vinyl Factory Soho.